by Magneto

When it comes to
Background Checks Services
We have the best!

We offer Quality
Political & Market Intelligence
through out East Africa.

We monitor & identify
Money Laundering, Bribery & Corruption
activities by Vendors & Third Parties.

We strongly advise
Companies, Individuals & Investors
to utilize our Due diligence Services.

We have been around offering Investigation, Due Diligence, Background Checks & Intelligence Services.

We Serve Insurance company, Recruitment Agency, Corporate, Research Firm, Business owners, Government Officials & many more, Contact us for a FREE confidential consultation.

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Our Core Services?

We Offer Investigative, Enhanced and Reputation Due Diligence.

We have earned Trust from the Customers we Investigated Worked for.

We believe that Transparency is good for any Business Transaction.

We prevent Risks through Political, Market & Business Intelligence Services .

We Verify and Check Education, Employment, Certifications & Licenses.

We prepare full detailed Consumer and Market Intelligence Reports.


What people are Saying about us

Martin is a very direct and efficient operator with a solid skill set. He knows how to initiate and follow leads and get information. He is empirical and thorough with his work.

Lewis Etheridge, CEO – Sara Combat International

Magneto Investigators, in my opinion has purposely been exceptional in choosing not only the proper cases to investigate but to learn from many mentors!

Dorothy Wesley, President – Alpha & Omega Investigations, Inc.

I recommend Magneto Team because they are highly motivated and hard-working. They are result oriented & very vital when it comes to team play.

Seguya Ronald Chris, Founder & CEO – Jentroy Limited